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ORC-Press-Release: The Real Club Náutico de Palma’s Offshore Race has come to an end with victory for “Stoertebeker” in the ORC 0-1, “Huayra” in the ORC 2-5, “Barakah” in the A2 0-3 and “Diabolic” in the A2 4-5

From the early hours of the morning and well into Monday 29th April, weather conditions meant racing for the ORC 0-1 fleet was particularly demanding. At first light practically all the teams were still completing the last few miles of the course. With an almost inexistent wind leading up to Cala Figuera, the end of the Offshore Race was agonizing for most of the crews, and as at 16:00h today (Monday) there were still two boats who had not yet crossed the finish line.

Torben Muhlbach’s “Stoertebeker” was the fastest boat over the start line in the Bay of Palma and was able to escape from the rest of the fleet at the first compulsory mark in Cabrera.

Finally, after 38 hours and 15 minutes of racing, the German Carkeek 47 crossed the finish line this morning at 02:20h with an important advantage over the others (over five hours in corrected time), meaning a well-deserved victory in the Offshore Race…



ORC 0-1

1. “Stoertebeker”, Torben Muhlbach

2. “Intrigue”, Joaquín Verona

3. “Lion´s Story”, Valentin Oreu


ORC 2-5

1. “Huayra”, José Antonio Martín

2. “Gudrun VIII”, Diego Colón

3. “Joy”, Dave Butters


A2 0-3

1. “Barakah”, Daniel Martín

2. “Smerit”, Tito Moure

3. “Histolab”, José Juan Torres


A2 4-5

1. “Diabolic”, Glenn de Brouwe

2. “Chica Txeca, Toni Pons

3. “Velaroja”, Christian Teichmann

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Der HVS gratuliert Torben und seiner Crew bestehend aus, Merle, Jonas, Lasse, Linus, Svea, Eike, Michel, Katharina, Amelie, Frederik, auf der „STOERTEBEKER“ begeistert und herzlich zu diesem souveränen Sieg mit 06:23:02 Vorsprung auf dem Kurs von Palma de Mallorca rund um Ibiza und zurück!